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The Logitech HD Portable 1080p Webcam C615 with Autofocus May Be Used As A Security Camera

A lot of people use webcams for many different reasons. You might use them for video chatting, blogging, streaming, sharing and ranting from the comfort of your own home. It is challenging to find the right webcam because there are so many offered at different prices. The Logitech HD Portable 1080p Webcam C615 with Autofocus is one camera that you must have a look at.

  • 6 Aug 2017

An Honest Review of the Kodak PlaySport Zx5 HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera

The Kodak PlaySport Zx5 HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera has a lot to recommend it, though it has a few flaws as well. We'll be looking at both sides of the equation in this review so you can make up your own mind.

  • 21 Jul 2017

Uses For Night Vision Video Cameras

The ability to record in low light conditions requires night vision video cameras. This is done by way of using technology that both offers the optimal level of intensity range, as well as the right amount of spectral range.

  • 10 Jul 2017
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23 Jul 2017
Posted By Alan R.

How Different Video Marketing Campaigns Can Improve Your Business

At present, it would seem that everybody is already using video marketing. There are a lot of explanations for this and one of those is that, it is so successful! People are unsurprisingly drawn to and react to heartbreaking pictures on a screen and audio than those with flat pictures and text on a website. The correct video marketing campaigns can encourage customers in your website, persuade them to stay and surf longer, and induce them to acquire your product or service.
14 Aug 2017
Posted By Carlos B.

What Kind of Things Can a Public Relations Firm Do For Your Corporate Business?

A company's success can hinge on the relationship they have with the public and how they are perceived in the media. Some companies choose to try and handle all of these matters from the inside with their own PR department but others feel the need to enlist an outside service to ensure that all matters of public view and perception are handled by highly trained professionals.
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4 Aug 2017
Posted By Linda W.

Put a Spy Video Camera on Your Shirt and Spy For Fun!

A spy video camera is your best friend if you want to do undercover surveillance work. These cameras are particularly useful for private investigators and people who are interested in spy gadgetry. Suffice to say, a spy camera is most effective when it is hidden in pieces of clothing or wired to the human body. Body worn spy cameras are so dependable that they can produce high quality video even in the most pressing situations.
9 Jul 2017

Sony FDR AX1 4K video camera hands on review

A hands-on, show-me review of the Sony FDR AX1 4K video camera. Lots of sample footage, demonstrations and examples of the various features.

6 Aug 2017

DVTV - Choosing a Video Camera

In this episode we help you decide on which video camera is right for you. Starting with a basic consumer camera and moving up to HDSLR and mirrorless still ...

23 Jul 2017


Covering 5 GoPro Editing Tips that will help you with your GoPro videos. Talking about the GoPro red filter, how to cut on the beat of a song, GoPro Studio ...

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